OmniCADD Inc.

OmniCADD MDB 6.0: 07/16/2003


  1. Databases for materials, pricing information, manufacturer and distributor information including part numbers.
  2. Switching between U.S. Imperial and Metric systems within a session.
  3. Changing between currencies in the pricing forms.
  4. Multiple manufacturer and distributor pricing information.
  5. Customizable printout preview, plain text format, email support.
  6. Working with assemblies.
  7. Supports Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0, single user and network versions of Database program.


  1. S.I.N. (Sprinkler Identification Number) column.


  1. Victaulic, Inc. sprinkler data are incorporated to the OmniCADD MDB.
  2. Head response column is introduced.